SnapMart is a B2B mobile app whose objective is to reduce food waste.

The service connects restaurants with supermarkets.

Supermarkets could enter inventories of perishable products, manage discounts, and edit invoices.

Restaurants could browse nearby perishable products by category,  choose among several delivery methods, and pay the supermarket.

Under the hood, Snap-Mart is the combination of a geographic search algorithm + a multi-modal delivery cost calculation algorithm + a payment marketplace powered by Stripe.

I worked as a freelance for an entrepreneur, and my role was to design and implement the whole technical solution: backend, mobile apps, and back-office dashboard.

- Backend, api and dashboard with Parse (
- Heroku hosting
- Native iOS app
- Marketplace with Stripe connect (

I solved 2 main technical challenges. Firstly the development of a payment marketplace. Stripe simplifies a lot of things, but KYC still requires advanced UX, and generating invoices including discounts and delivery remains complex.

Secondly to automate delivery. Courier APIs ( make it easy to order and follow a delivery, but we still have to choose the best transport modality (bike, scooter, or car) based on cost and time.

The first tests were carried out with a Parisian supermarket and nearby restaurateurs, but the project was stopped for lack of commercial success.