PhD in Biomedical engineering

PhD in Biomedical engineering

The objective was to find predictive markers of acquired disability in multiple sclerosis.

The original title is:

Methodological development for the absolute and multi-tissue quantification in magnetic resonance spectroscopy of metabolic alterations in multiple sclerosis.

My work involved the use of several scientific fields:

  • data fusion of image processing (segmentation and registration) and signal processing (non-linear regression) algorithms to provide spatial measurements of innovative biomarkers from magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
  • methodological developments in a clinical context (calibrations, corrections, variability assessments) to obtain quantitative and reliable data and allow comparisons between patients and examinations
  • biostatistics to answer medical questions on longitudinal cohorts

The main achievements were:

The scientific part of the doctorate was supervised by CREATIS, a research lab specialized in medical image processing and MRI acquisition.

The medical part of the doctorate was supervised by Pr. Confavreux's team from Lyon neurological hospital, which specialized in multiple sclerosis.

My daily work took place within CERMEP, a clinical and research medical imaging platform inside the Lyon hospital.